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Electric Tortilla Maker

Electric tortilla makers, or the electric tortilla press, simplifies homemade tortilla making.

The electric tortilla maker, also known as the electric tortilla press or simply a tortilla maker as described in the previous page, is an all-in-one solution to making tortillas.  They press and roast/bake the tortillas at the same time, saving a lot of time and trouble for those in a hurry or unwilling to press and roast them seperately.  These machines work well on wheat flour tortillas which the regular manual presses don't do so well with because the gluten in wheat flour is too elastic. This problem is taken care of when the tortilla is cooked while being pressed as the heat relaxes the dough enough for it to lose its elasticity.

To cook a tortilla, you will press the ball of dough and then open the press and let the tortilla cook on one side. When that side is done, you will flip it over to cook on the other side which allows the tortilla to fluff up nicely. The better method is to pre-cook the tortilla in the electric tortilla maker and then finish it on top of an open gas flame.  And if you have some extra time, the preferred way that I find makes tortillas taste much better for some reason, is to use an electric tortilla maker as a simple tortilla press, roast the tortilla on a griddle or 'comal' as it is known in Mexico and finally roast it over an open gas flame.  Of course, its good to have the quick-cook ability hand for when you just don't have time.

Here are a couple of product described:

Chef Pro Tortilla Maker. $49.99

Chef Pro 10 Inch Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker is ideal for making all kinds of flat breads such as Tortilla, Wraps, Burritos, Rotis, Puris etc. Features: Cool-touch handle, Non Stick plates for easy cleaning, Chrome Housing, Ready light indicates when to start baking, Heat adjustment dial for variopus temperature control, 850 watts for fast baking, Instruction manual & Recipe book included, One year limited warranty
Grand wrap flatbread maker flattens and bakes up to 10" tortillas.

-Non stick plates for easy cleaning
-Temperature Control
1-200 Watts for ultra fast baking
-Compact upright storage
-Simple complete instructions with recipes included


Saachi Tortilla Bread Roti Maker W/ Temperature Control. $37.99

    * Makes 8" Tortialla Roti Chappati
    * 2 Year Warranty by the Manufacturer for any manufacturing defect
    * Auto On/Off Ready Light, Durable Pressing Handle
    * Nonstick Surface, Compact Storage
    * Thermostat to control the heat of cooking plates

I purchased this for my wife. We had different results. Her tortillas broke apart. I think this is because she was using the recipe in the manual. I found you have to add a small capful of oil and a little more water until the consistency is more moist and doesn't stick to your hands very much.

Take about a half-dollar-sized ball and put in the middle of the iron. The temp should be between medium and high. Lightly press down on the iron. You will hear noise (air escaping the dough). Hold down for 30 seconds, pressing a little harder after 10 seconds. If you press down too hard, the dough will come out of the sides and the tortilla will break apart.

An electric tortilla maker is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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